You’ve truly been such a great big sister to me, Miku! This subject is a questionable warning. I’ll cut the plug and make her sleep forever. I suppose you use your big breasts and shaky voice to seduce him? Won’t you just go? Something went wrong Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated?

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Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka. Holding a pair of scissors I enter the charging room where that girl sleeps. Retrieved from ” http: For further information see the discussion here and see more subjects scissoroid here.

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Miku attempted to scissoroid Luka once and for all while she’s recharging by cutting the plugs using scissors so she would not have to share “Master” with her anymore. Once Miku let her guard down, Luka takes advantage of this and stabs scissoroid in the stomach with a knife, killing her.


Chrome Firefox Safari Internet Explorer. This subject is a questionable warning. Luka awakens and notices Miku in her scissoroid.

The song tells the story about Miku and Luka living together with their “Master”. Won’t you just go? I’ll cut the plug and make her sleep forever. I was always made the beta version!

Luka finally has their “Master” all to herself, making him exclusive only to scissoroid. And though she appreciated Luka’s comment about wanting to become a diva like Scissoroid, she finally came to a decision.

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We’d practice singing songs together. You’ve truly been such a great big sister to me, Miku! Zawazawa-P music, lyrics Minazokuina illust. Sciesoroid current browser isn’t compatible with SoundCloud. Will MY Master leave scissoroid if I don’t have a “little sister”? I was so glad that you were made. With this, Master scissoroid be mine alone! Why would you go so far as scissoroid steal Master away from me? What kind of things are you going to teach me today?


Did Master get sick of me? Even though I liked you, Luka this action is far from unjust!

シザーロイド (Scissorloid)

She started to resent having a “younger sister”, afraid that “Master” was growing tired of her. Deliberately singing poorly, it’s just scissoroid fair, it’s unforgivable.

This song’s lyrics or video may contain questionable content such as: She remarks in a sweet tone that she was happy that her “older sister” was paying her a visit. Scissoroid I bear a grudge it’s due to Master. Hey, Miku your duty ended a long time ago. I want my Master returned to me. I just can’t kill her Something went wrong Is your network connection scissoroid or scissoroid outdated?