Alamu Nika , wide, broad river. Avala Kerejmnu, New Guinea , north-west wind. Arui Welaung , a hill. De Tibet , country, district, e. For other points see Abnrigo. Angri Marocco , a well. Amud Somali f earth.

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Ek Tera Pyaar Feat. Bakhtegfin, Bendamir, Kermin, Tehrfin, not Teheran.

Barg, Burgh Englandan earthwork, a fortified town. Catingas Brazilextensive open woodlands of small growth and with much underwood, affording cover to all kinds of animals. Aug Kwenama stream.

Atsimo Madagascarsouth. Choi Yambo, Upper Sobat B. Cnlebra islands in the West Indies, Cnlebra B. The reason for this departure from the conventional rules is threefold and may be best explained by examples. Also used for an encampment or smaller village. Dwfr Welshwater, stream. Busu Yorubaloose sandy ground. Ar- Welsh’upon,’ e. Asiaa gate ; from next word. Sarassi Caucasusmountain top. Here the voiceless fricatives pass through the voiced fricatives to the voiced explosives: Bayan Ool, ‘ rich stream.


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Ardnamurchan, ‘ the height of the great headland. Dan; Tibetcold, e. Din Bambara, Mandethe ter of an enclosure, usually made of mud. Badi A’Zandea river. Darfnr ; Dar Dief, ‘ a house for strangers. Allusion has already been made to the Is of the mandarins as spelled by Wade, and the language of the rest of the Chinese as spelled according to the system formulated by Von Eichthofen.

In transliterating terms from foreign works, the following modifications have been adopted: Bonga Gallaan uninhabited desert. Castanhaes Brazila forest abounding in chestnut trees. Berk, Berg Anglo-Saxona barrow, e.

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For other points set- Avaratra. El boka Egyptian Sudana capital town. Afi’icaa province. Bro Celtica district. Bargo Porta town or castle on a hill ; suburb. Ara Barotonga, Polynesiahouse. Bamingi; Ba Bai, another name for the Logon B.

A,g rass. Africaan old root meaning ‘ to flow,’ e.