Low settings of frequencies might be used for the classic delay effect, when appropriately selected parameters simulating spatial sound are set. MixBass is an unusual plug-in. Promote cracked software, or other illegal content. The effect is much like pushing up frequencies with a vintage Pultec or Lang equalizer. The plug-in is worth recommending for snare drum, cymbals and overdriven electric guitar. Finally, the Harmonics section is used to generate odd and even harmonics to improve clarity and definition in the exciter tradition. There’s a choice of three types of tubes and three types of analog tape.

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At the lowest settings a distinct delay is apparent-not usually what you want. A couple more points about the MixPack bundle. I recently recorded lead guitar over a backing track and exported the project to audio file, namely MP3.

Ianpb on October 17, 2: So here I should end because I do not know anything about the goniometer, the reliable peak level meter and the universal stereo-effects processor, which are available for a total of 24 USD. Privacy and Data Policy. Analysis and correction become simple tasks which can help confirm your stereo image or show any problems that your hearing may not pick up.

Mode One is for a file that needs only subtle tweaks to its spatial content; Mode Two can be used to stereoize a mono signal; and Mode Three is somewhere between the two. You can also set the scope to Hold mode, in which it traces and holds the image until you clear the display-a very practical function that can freeze an psp pseudo stereo vst bunch trace to provide a history of the audio.

It is worth pointing out psp pseudo stereo vst the plug-in does not interfere with the balance which is set beforehand, and it only affects stereo files, which means that the set mono compatibility will not be affected. By using our site you agree vsh our use of cookies, which are needed for the proper operation of our website.


However, it turned out during tests that the same file in stereo and after conversion to mono in the editor sound different – with the stereo file turning out the better.

The possibility of using the Hold function to hold maximal indications and the Auto function to maximize the range of indications sfereo a great help in reading the indications on the correlation meter.

Among the shortcomings I would ps the lack of regulators of the output-signal level in the Pseudo Stereo and Stereo Enhancer plug-ins, and – despite everything – the ‘inconsistency’ of the action of some sliders with common expectations I much prefer it when the increase of a parameter is accompanied by the movement of the slider from left to right. It doesn’t have to stegeo like an but it sure is great that it can.

PSP Audio Ware Plug-ins

The simple conclusion is that the lower the basic frequency, the greater the effect because there are more resonant frequencies. The Interface of the Pseudo Stereo plug-in which processes the spatiality of the mono files.

Discover the latest Windows apps Be the first to know about the hottest apps with Download’s Windows Apps newsletter. I like it a lot! This works wonderfully as a very discrete de-esser, and in fact that’s exactly how it got employed on the CD re-mix I used it on a female voice recorded through a tube mic.

Psp pseudo stereo vst are logged in as. PSP PseudoStereo plug-in enables the conversion of the mono signal into a stereo one. In Mode 3, the differential signals are the base for widening the sound and the effect achieved pswudo more toned down.

By using our site you agree to our use of cookies, which are needed for the proper operation of our website. They were so good that I was forced to re-mix the whole CD using them. It can be a bit tricky to set the Hiss Remover up depending on the nature sterreo the transients of the sound being filtered, but good results can be had if you’re patient. In certain extreme cases the difference was up to 12dB. The stereo plugin you used on the guitar must have used some sort of polarity inversion.


Wider does not necessarily mean better. I used it on a kick drum, of all things, to make it sound more like it was being picked up from the room and overhead mics.

As with a lot of vintage compressors ,there psp pseudo stereo vst no settings for compression ratio; instead, a single slider allows you to dial in more or less.

Izotope offers Ozone Imager for free upon registration, very simple to use and sounds great. It contains several algorithms that mimic the sound of tube circuits, analog tape recorders, and in a taking coals to Newcastle kind of twist, digital circuits.

Sexually explicit or offensive language.

Best Free Stereo Enhancer/Expander VST/AU Plugins

Rounding off this lush feature set is an end of chain limiter that imparts a warm sound when the threshold is met. I loved the enhancement Spazial does to my sound but I cannot use it for my own-made music, because the track on which the Spazial is used becomes invisible on mobile devices.

Mode 1 is designed to slightly increase the spatiality of the mixed stereo material.