The keyboards aren’t as creative as most Pain of Salvation efforts, but none the less provide an important atmospheric element. Overall, Pain of Salvation manages to shift styles in mid-sequence without losing their vision, unlike recent Dream Theater albums that wander aimlessly in self-indulging shredding. The second verse especially sounds very mystical but also has some serious groove. I generally enjoy the vocals from Daniel. She walked there every day without even knowing it was the place to which she was going If you knew the number of the steps you would ever take, bitter I wonder:

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They walk in nightmist. Write your own review.

Entropia – Pain of Salvation | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Pain of salvation entropia is so cool about this song is how they vary each verse, having the same basic melody salvatjon slightly different arrangement.

The high points of rntropia album? Oh and BTW, did I mention the teriffic vocals? From the crushing opening to the swelling and uplifting final chorus you get hit with just about every trick in the book. Oblivion Ocean is a dark ballad, with gloomy vocals from Gildenlow.

The arrangements are complicated and vast.

I always thought I would welcome this day, but now I can see: The band demonstrates for the first ov their huge talent. Their eyes now tensed with fear; enemies are near. Lotsa people don’t like this though And, the vocal melodies are some of his most consistently memorable, with plenty of soaring, memorable choruses. Entropia is Pain of Salvation’s debut album.


The stillness makes me scared” Listen to my plain words. This album did not sound accessible to my ears at first entroopia because the music was a bit rough edged, half-polished, strange melody even not melodic at all?

PAIN OF SALVATION Entropia reviews

Other than the more funky entropa on “Entropia”, this is your typical Pain of Salvation album. It builds back into the main riff, and it has a nice chorus as well. Unable to see behind the creature that he seems to be. And he sings with a lot of sentiment, really feeling and interpreting the lyrics. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

There are so many ways to live leave a life There are however a few missteps, such as the jazz break in the middle of Salvatuon the End and the drum solo outro of Nightmist, an otherwise fantastic track. People Passing By 9: Belonging to a father and his son, now torn apart. Jazz and salvatuon being probably the two most prominent ones There is also a bit more emphasis on flashy prog-metal style instrumental sections, but they’re still far more restrained and song-oriented than many of their peers.


ForwardWinning A War, People Passing By and Nightmist and, in fairness, there are no weak songs at all ssalvation, though some sections of songs could have been done better. To The End 4: This track pain of salvation entropia well written and well performed, but the shallow sound values remove a dramatic portion of its punch.

It has nice use of keyboards and guitars in the brief, but effective, opening. Once the come salvatoin, a light guitar riff enters and it goes back into a heavier section.

Track Listings

This song is simple and straightforward, a nice change from the emotion riddled songs. I really like some of the bridges, and the guitar solo is very effective. Somebody here said that this is one of the best debut of all times. Katatronik Angel of Lust Posts: Very strong and dark.

Gildenlow has an amazing knack for writing bridges. Daniel Magdic made his lone Pain of Salvation performance on this album.