By Shynet, at Jul 12, By TIS, at Jan 11, The MRP 1 works. When i press the start to play the recorded script, it doesn’t start but when i then click on the programm mouse recorder it starts. There is no Mac version, I’m sorry What do you mean calibrate the mouse? Use the “Advanced” button to find the repeat option.

mouse recorder pro nemex

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Mouse Recorder Pro 2 – Download

So as long as I use a combo I guess I’ll be fine: Mouse Recorder Pro 2 is a freeware mouse recorder app filed under automation tools and made available by Nemex for Windows. By Shynet, at Dec 20, That way you can do other things as this program is functioning. Over all, though, the program works great. Mouse moves and clisks looks fine – miuse recorder and plaing.


By Francis, at Jan 31, By Mark, at Aug 11, Too bad there is no loop pssibility in script. By Shynet, at Por 7, I checked MRP for record keyboard inputs. By medjai, at Nov 3, By ketias, at Jan 9, By nice, at Jan 20, The mouse continues to move.

I installed it to work on this laptop and it does not record. This tool is a great help to me when I play games.

mouse recorder pro nemex

By Shynet, at Jun 18, By Kuba, at May 29, By Artem, at Jan 11, By Shynet, at Nov rexorder, Thanks for the Help and making nmeex awesome program. By bob, at Dec 19, After that call the MRP executable with the parameters of -autorun and that should work! For example, the first run the “variable” is at 1, the second time the “variable” goes up to “2” but all of the rest of the macro stays the same.


neemx It can be disabled via the settings window. D espero que sirva como dice homero que flojera hacer las cosas: DI Like it so much more update!!!!!!! The MRP calendar not load when i set to load with the windows, all times that i restart the computer the MRP calendar dont load.

mouse recorder pro nemex

By jones, at Jan 8, By Shynet, at Jun 19, Then press “OK” to accept it. By Jewsiah, at Apr 26, Thank you for your bug report! Can I run one script by pressing one button and second script – by pressing another key?