Improved accuracy came at a cost. This free software was originally produced by Hilti Corporation. Case 3 assumes that the breakout area is based upon the front anchors and evaluates the capacity against the total shear on the anchor group. Similar to the above example, the breakout area of the front row is still reduced, but the shear demand on this anchor may be reduced even more. Within the construction sector, ETAG is regarded to be the definitive standard for post-installed anchors in masonry. First Name Last Name.

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The engineer is responsible for maintaining the third-party anchor data and ensuring that it is being applied appropriately, in ;rofis with the corresponding Evaluation Report.

Consequently, it exceeds the requirements that the most up-to-date anchor design software should fulfil. DS Anchor and Quick Anchor do not consider a base plate at all.

Hilti Productvideo PROFIS Anchor

Consideration of Base Plate and Distribution of Axial Forces to Anchors When an anchor group is subject to an eccentric tension load hilti profis anchor applied moment, how the software models or considers the base plate will affect the resulting tension force in the anchors. In this case, shear can be transferred to the anchor rods via plate washers welded to the top of the base plate. The program’s installer files are generally known as ProfisAnchor. Seven different software applications are discussed below see tableand are broken into the following three categories.

Some incorporate baseplate design, include headed studs for embed plate design, or permit custom bearing areas for cast-in-place anchors with plate washers. Furthermore, some flexure could be induced into the anchor rods for any base plates with a stand-off condition, hilti profis anchor or without grout. Anchor software that assumes Case 1 or Case 2 behavior, such as RAM Connection, provides the opposite but equally unexpected result.


Hilti PROFIS Anchor – Should I Remove It?

If anchors rods are used to resist shear forces from a base plate, they may also be subject to flexure. However, each application has its own default set of assumptions, features, and limitations. Other Features The applications have several other different features and limitations.

The stated rationale for this is that, due to the potential annular space between the rod and the baseplate, it is possible that the baseplate will engage only the front row of anchors and transfer the entire shear load to it prior to making contact with the rear row.

Both have been created to ensure that the job done gets done in the most appropriate way hilti profis anchor.

Some do not include reduction factors for lightweight concrete, while others do. Different applications can provide significantly different results for what hilti profis anchor appear to be the same input parameters.

None of the software applications currently use the AISC methodology. The new provisions also clearly identified specific limit states, which may not have been apparent in older design tables. DS Anchor allows the user to create a database of post installed anchors, which can be referenced from any subsequent model. Notify me of replies from other users. Analysis of Third-Party hilti profis anchor Generic Anchors An engineer may design for a specific post-installed anchor, but a contractor may submit a request for substitution to use an alternate product.

In addition, the software vendors are constantly updating and improving their software. In Example Problem 1, the capacity differed by a factor greater than five between applications that considered flexure and those that did not. Now, a leading specialist software package — which is free to download — has been enhanced to assist engineers in obtaining the best possible solution to this tough question. The concrete breakout cases described in commentary section RD.


Built for brick – Hilti anchor into masonry with total peace of mind

RAM Connection allows the user to choose whether to consider strain compatibility, and whether compressive bearing stress is distributed in a rectangular or triangular pattern. Hilti PROFIS Anchor compares this capacity to the shear demand on the entire anchor group, which is consistent with how the software considers shear perpendicular to an edge Case 3.

The applications have several other different features and limitations. One of the advantages of the CCD method was that it used a simpler rectangular area, rather than overlapping circular hilti profis anchor areas. Designs mechanical anchors, adhesive anchors, cast-in-place headed studs and headed bolts. The software is no longer subtracting the overlapping breakout areas of individual anchors, because they are not technically located in the same row.

Efficient Notes Document management. Because of this, shear lugs, embedded hilti profis anchor, or other alternatives are likely better options for transferring shear unless the loads are small. Hilti profis anchor free download. Engineers have been telling us for years just what a difficult issue it is to anchor into masonry base materials.

Fortunately, there are several software applications that can assist with the heavy lifting of anchor design.