F8 Marks the current position on the map without text marks. The Chart window shows the trends of data. For details about the property setting, refer to Chapter 7 “Connecting the Devices. For details, refer to device manager of the operating system. The data is exported in the. Measure parameter filtering In case of GSM service test, select it to report the associated parameters. The value, however, cannot exceed the value Count Mode of call count.

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GENEX Probe for Windows

Indicates the control mode in the PING test. The Probe gives a prompt genex probe the egnex tries to open these two windows simultaneously in the same project, as shown in Figure This chapter describes the following: If the call fails, drops, or hangs up, the Probe waits for a call interval to originate another call. Delta vs Average Delta is the average value in ms Average is the average value from the genex probe of stat.

ScanRate ms Adopts the default value.


Introduction to GENEX Probe

User Indicates the username if required during FTP upload. A definir Call Type: This operation is valid only in the log file genex probe mode. The cell search is optional. The progress status bar about each test item is displayed.

Both genex probe prrobe measurement events and the playback events are displayed in the Event List chart in the genex probe manner. All the system and individual settings are automatically saved into the project file. The Display Settings dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure Indicates whether or not to measure the transmission delay. You can edit the call number or the call setup time in the data configuration window. The Alarm dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure Call by Call Setup Time sec: False is by default.

The Probe provides the default bau drate for the device it supports. Note, Comment, Tip, Knowhow, Thought: Figure Data items in the pilot scan test Table describes the data items in the pilot scan test.

To save the test plan, perform the following steps: Each time when the file load is complete, PDP context deactivation would be performed. If genex probe device parameters are not correctly configured, the system returns an error or warning prompt, as shown in Figure The operation is the same as that of the RRC Messages window. Table lists the results during the co-activation.


Rate kbps DL Guaranteed Indicates the guranteed downlink rate. The system displays the Device Config dialog box, as shown in Figure Adjust antenna Adopts the default value: Genex probe system returns the test result automatically and updates the port status in the Device Config dialog box.

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Table lists suggestions for test plan. The screen pause function enables you to locate the problem. The device is highlighted after being selected. To add a map layer, perform the following steps: