It is up to you. You feel hungry, so feel hungry. It is a sanction given of your acceptance — a consent. For the first time the spark of inquiry was lit. In a certain village some mischievous people were disturbing him, harassing him, and he was on a vow of silence. There is dancing — she is not aware; she is completely lost in it. To know that there is some bigger, higher force or energy that is in play, and we all have access to that energy.

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File:Buddham Saranam Gacchami – Male Voice, with Female – Wikimedia Commons

But whether initiation has taken place or not, whether you have been accepted or not, that sranam cannot say for certain. On the surface it looks easy — that one has not to do anything, just to surrender. This is followed by Vandana again Pancha sheelang, Buddhavandana Dhammavandana. So just go to the Ganges and throw it in.

Only then can something happen.

Buddham Sharanam Gacchami – Sat Sangha Salon

To lose oneself totally…. The Self cannot be surrendered, so leave it out. Initiation is the acceptance obtained after meditation. The unsuspecting seeker takes msditation for granted that he has been initiated. But I cannot accept you as my Guru.


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You are not to do anything to awaken your inner Self. Many, many methods are used. So if you are fasting and just witnessing, then you have touched the deepest sleep. One has to go the long way.

If a concept of the Divine in the sky can help you to surrender your ego, then it is a good device. An MP3 audio file of this discourse can be downloaded from Osho. For one thing, deekshainitiation, is never given; initiation takes place, it is a happening. Of course, the possessor has also become possessed by it. To those, I would say that is precisely what drew us to the flame. Only the ego can be given — because it is just incidental to you.

And there is a formula that we can recite for that. Only yesterday I received a letter, mediyation I receive many buddham saranam gacchami meditation like that. A fifty percent Hindu and a fifty percent Christian is just insane.


If you fast, the body begins to demand, the body begins meditqtion overpower you. There is no shortcut! The initiation where you become immediately and directly connected with the divine is a unique initiation. Meditatin how, miraculously, have you changed biddham He can see the full process but you see only half.

That is, to our nature, where there is no individual, no community; where there is only the dhammathe law. Of course, you cannot give the Self; that is impossible.

And Dhun-Nun waited day and night for twelve years. Your path is of the meditatikn, those who can surrender. It happens to him in front of Mahavira so naturally he becomes grateful to Mahavira — and this is fitting also.

One is of surrendering and another is of willing: The path of will tries to awaken the inner center directly.